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Due Diligence with Integrity

JPPI Investigative Services

is a full service agency specializing in smart investigative strategies, detailed research and security solutions. Our ability to acquire critical information and deliver outstanding results has earned our agency the recognition and respect of our clients in cities throughout NC.

Every case that we accept is regarded with the utmost importance and we make certain to utilize every available resource in our efforts to resolve your concern.  Our team of professional, licensed private investigators is capable of conducting investigations, developing security solutions and serving process throughout the states of NC.

We pride ourselves on the efficiency and effectiveness of our surveillance techniques and our ability to present pertinent and insightful information.

Our comprehensive investigative team can assist you in every investigative arena with regards to identifying, tracking, and interpreting the information that our clients demand. Our investigators have differing areas of expertise and can provide you with the most comprehensive information available – and that’s the JPPI way!

Due Diligence with Integrity in every case.


Retaining JPPI services provides you with an investigator who pays attention to detail and treats every case individually; taking into consideration your subject’s lifestyle, living condition, and unique schedule. JPPI investigators will provide timely and detailed reports, as well as display exceptional communication skills with verbal updates or email notifications upon your request.

Let’s work together


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