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Domestic Investigations

Peace of mind is offered with each JPPI investigation. We provide our personal need clients with a thorough plan of action to gather the facts surrounding the concerns our clients. Each investigation and plan of action is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We conduct surveillance and will provide the needed documentation that will speak on the character and manner of opposing parties in custody and visitation lawsuits. Our staff provides some of the following services.

  • GPS Tracking: If you are interested in the establishments your spouse visit when their time seems unaccounted for, then JPPI can provide you with the detailed history of your vehicle when you are not at the controls. Call upon JPPI to effectively and legally conduct such investigations.
  • Child custody cases: JPPI is experienced in such cases and can help you bring to light the shady or unsafe actions of the opposing party. We understand your child’s safety and well-being are the utmost concerns and you want to insure the safety and wellbeing of your child in your absence. We can assist you by providing you with a peace of mind as we offer clarity on activities and information on who’s in your child presence. We will be able to provide video documentation that addresses the character and activities of the opposing parent in custodial cases.
  • Covert Operations: Background for Family Members:Far too frequent our love ones become involved in with individuals where there heart may be blinding them from seeing the truth in someone. They may become involved with someone who we can clearly see as inappropriate. This individual may be controlling and possessive or may try to reduce communication with family. This individual may try to control them financially, emotionally, or physically. At JPPI, we can assist you obtaining evidence to assist and provide clarity on the actions and intentions of others.